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Now Just Who Is TheCraftyPanther???

TheCraftyPanther lives in a quiet rural town in northwestern Pennsylvania. Hint? Home of the Zippo Lighter! The nickname came about based on my place of employment and my hobby. I like to remain anonymous and lurk in the shadows. I have enjoyed crafting from an early age. I began with sewing, then progressed to ceramics, embroidery, knitting, and all things crafty. I was a Brownie Troop leader for several years and enjoyed coming up with projects for the girls to do. However, I never wish to see the combination of glue and a noodle again!

Years later, I was invited to a friend's Stamping Up party, and I was hooked! Now I spend the cold long winter months hibernating in my den and creating to my hearts content.

My Den

This is where the craftiness begins! Excuse the mess, it's all part of the creative process...

This is a spare room that has become a crafting paradise. All of the items in this room are recycled for other areas of the house. I found spare bookshelves from my girls' college years. They allow me to organize my stamps and get to things without rummaging through drawers. I had my husband install dowels and brackets on the wall so I could hang up my punches. Again, easy access and visible. Old kitchen cabinets made excellent repurposed items. Slap on some paint and would never know they were from the 1980's!