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Here are a few of the items I currently have available. My ecommerace account limits me to 10 items at a time for sale. This is just a dry run to see how selling my work is received.

As I've said before on my website, I am not a professional demonstrator. I am not looking to get rich off of my hobby. And I am not trying to push any particular product. I create because I enjoy it. These items are being sold to help fund future supply purchases. They are basically being sold at cost + a small fee for shipping.

Visit my store here:


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I am able to provide custom orders upon request. Please use the contact me link to send a message and we can get the process going. I am able to make gift sets, card sets, mini-albums, invitations and more. Please keep in mind that I am only doing small orders at this time. It depends on the intricacy of the project, but I normally consider small under 20.

If you see an item in my gallery that is not available in the store, please contact me. I can reproduce the card for you. There maybe a slight variation on patterns depending on paper availability.